What Do SEO Consulting Agencies Actually Do?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of applying certain tweaks to your web content that improve its ranking in the search engine results, resulting in more free traffic to your offers. These tweaks are based on following accepted practices dictated by the search engine‚Äôs algorithm, or mathematical ranking formula. How closely you follow […]

5 Rules to Follow for More Effective SEO

When users Google for a service online, relevant businesses want their website to be highly visible. Using search engine optimization (SEO), companies can increase their chances of landing on the first page of a relevant search result. To rank higher, it’s important to look at how search engine developers decide on website relevance. Here are […]

Best WordPress Plugins for SEO

WordPress has made it possible to operate the first-tier blog with very little money. In large part, this is a result of the frequent updates and independent developers submitting templates and plugins. The plugins often cater to the user-experience and improve the overall functionality of the website. There are several plugins designed to improve your […]